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  • Traveling to Mexico is NOT PERMITTED.  There is no insurance coverage in Mexico.
  • Traveling to Alaska & Canada is permitted, however, Olathe Ford RV Center must be advised at the time of the reservation.
  • Inner cities of New York City, NY, as well as Montreal and Quebec City in Canada are NOT PERMITTED.  There is no insurance coverage for vehicle theft in these places
  • Private-, gravel-, dirt-, or logging roads and other non-public roads, beaches, etc. are prohibited, e.g. 'Apache Trail in AZ'.
Olathe Ford RV Center will hold the customer fully responsible for accidents or mechanical breakdowns occurring in a travel restricted area.  Insurance coverage will be void in case of violation. 


  • Payment for rental charges and other charges must be received 30 days prior to departure.
  • Without payment in full, the RV will not be released to the customer.
  • If payments are not received when due, Olathe Ford RV Center reserves the right to cancel the reservation without notice or refund.
  • Local Tax and a Rental Tax are due and payable in addition to the rental and/or purchase price.
  • Cash, Visa, American Express, Master Card and Discover are accepted.  Checks are not accepted. If paying with cash, the Security Deposit MUST still be paid with a Credit Card. 


No refunds will be given in the following cases:
  • Vehicle is returned prior to the contracted drop-off date.  We do not refund for days not used, but we do refund for any prepaid miles not used.
  • Client arrives late to pick up the RV or does not show up at all.


If for any reason, the booked RV should not be available on your day of pickup, Olathe Ford RV Center reserves the right to substitute for another RV of equal or higher rating at no additional cost.