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RV Rental Speedway Special

We will deliver the RV to the Speedway on Wednesday.
We will pick the RV back up from the Speedway on Monday.
This is a 5-night rental, but we only charge the renter for 4 nights.
There is an additional delivery fee of $378.

Here is an example of what the charges could look like for an RV delivered to the Kansas Speedway for the May or September race in our Coachmen Leprechaun 210RS:

5 nights at $189/night = $925.00
Prep Fee = $249.00
Delivery Fee = $378.00
Sales Tax = $176.85
Discount = -$189.00
Rental Total = $1,539.85
Security Deposit = $1,000.00
TOTAL DUE = $2,539.85