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RV Rental Processes & Procedures

The RV rental process is simple at Olathe Ford RV Center!

Reserving your RV Rental:

  1. Book online, or contact our team at Olathe Ford RV Center to determine which RV best suite your needs, pricing, and availability.
  2. Process your $500 non-refundable down payment.
  3. Receive email confirmation of your RV rental reservation shortly after. The email will also include:
    1. The Rental Packet with paperwork that needs to be filled out
    2. Rental Troubleshooting Guide
    3. "What to Pack" Checklist
  4. We will use the credit card on file to take care of the remaining balance and refundable security deposit 20 days before your RV rental departure date. This convenience is for our renters making the day of departure a much faster and easier process since everything is already done for you when you arrive. You will have a specific time slot already arranged for your departure date to complete the rest of the paperwork and your RV rental training walk through.

The Day of Departure:

  1. Please arrive to Olathe Ford RV Center on your date of departure 5-10 minutes early for your scheduled walk-through/RV rental training and orientation time slot having already filled out all of the appropriate paperwork that you received upon confirmation.  If this has all been completed, the walk-through, training and final paperwork should take no longer than one hour.
  2. Now you are off to enjoy your vacation in your rented motorhome or trailer provided by Olathe Ford RV Center!

Olathe Ford RV Center makes sure everyone who rents an RV with us is comfortable driving and operating their motorhome inside and out before they depart. The RV renter training process is in place to ensure your RV vacation satisfaction. We understand RV’s can be complicated and overwhelming at first, but by the time you finish our training, you will be an RV professional.  

Reservation: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Money Orders 
Security/Damage Deposit: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

The person who made the reservation is called the “Renter”.  The renter must also be the one to pick up and drop off the RV rental. The name on the credit card used to pay for the RV rental on the Rental Agreement must match the unexpired, valid, photo driver’s license provided to Olathe Ford RV Center at the time of departure, both being the “Renter”. If for example the RV renter "John" made the reservation, paid the reservation deposit, and is the “Renter”, but he wants to pay the remaining balance on his wife’s credit card, we must call the credit card company and see if he is an authorized user of that card first.

Cancellation: If you cancel 21 days or more prior to your departure date, you forfeit the $500 down payment.  If you cancel 20 days or less to your departure date, you forfeit all payments made (except the security deposit).

Date / Time / Unit Changes: To change your RV rental reservation, contact Olathe Ford RV Center for a reservation change form, fill it out, and send back to Olathe Ford RV Center to see what can be done to accommodate your change while meeting all of your motorhome rental needs. The first change is free, all other changes will be $25 per occurrence.

Pets: Pets are allowed in our RV’s. A $250 refundable deposit is required. If evidence of a pet is found in your RV rental unit a minimum $500 fee will be owed.

Each RV rental has a security/damage deposit that must be paid prior the departure date. It ranges from $500 to $1,000 depending on the rental RV. This RV deposit is 100 percent refundable at the end of your motor home vacation within 15 business days as long as there is no damage, mileage overages, generator overages and nothing that you should be charged for per the contract. Any extra charges that may arise such as damages to the RV while on rental, RV waste tanks not dumped, gas tank not full, etc. will be deducted from the security/damage deposit.

• Cleaning inside and outside if the motor home is overly dirty
• Gas tank fill
• Pet cleaning /unauthorized pet/pet damage
• Smoke odor including campfire smoke
• Unpaid tolls/traffic violations
• Any breach of the Rental Contact and its terms and conditions
• Black and grey waste tanks returned not empty and needing dumping
• Damage to the RV inside or outside
• Insurance deductible
• Extra nights or late return
• Excessive use of allotted free mileage and generator hours, etc.

Our Rental Department was built on the foundation of providing people with a high quality product for a low price to be more “customer-friendly” than what the RV rental industry has been known for. We have unique policies and ways of doing things that benefit our renters and have not followed in the footsteps of others which the companies in our industry are notorious for doing. We encourage our prospective RV renters do their research on other companies in the RV rental industry to make sure they understand their options and know exactly what they are getting. This is because we are confident that the one of a kind experience you have at Olathe Ford RV Center is exactly what you’re looking for after scouring the internet trying to compile info on other local rental companies. Look no further because we have done the research for you. 

You get absolute freedom with an RV rental. Just because it may be called “camping” doesn’t mean it can’t be done in style. Our RV rentals offer most of the luxury accommodations that you’d get in a hotel. 

* No Hidden Fees 
* A full tank of gas
* Full propane tank
* The RV is detailed inside and out
* A full tank of fresh water
* Empty, deodorized black and grey waste tanks
* Fresh water house
* Dump hose (and gloves)
* Electrical Adapters
* Extra fuses
* 10% off of the nightly rate for Military, EMS, Police, Firefighters
* Most Extensive Renter Training program in the industry
* 24/7 Nationwide Mobile RV Technician Hotline and Roadside Assistance
* RV specific water soluble toilet paper to prevent backups (we provide 4 rolls)
* Rental Delivery & Setup for an additional fee
* Corporate RV rentals available

* Kansas Speedway Package 1: For $145, we will deliver and pick up the unit to and from the Kansas Speedway.
* Kansas Speedway Package 2: For $185, we will deliver, pick up, level, and open slides.
* Standard Delivery: For $139 per hour, we will deliver the unit and pick it back up.  For example, if your location is 1 hour round trip, we will charge 2 hour delivery/pickup fee.