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Rental Departure Information

It is vital that all drivers and the person whose name is on the Rental Agreement be here, in our office, on the day of departure to sign the Rental Agreement.

Our insurance company restricts us from releasing a vehicle to a substitute such as a spouse, child, parent, friend, etc.

If a driver is not in the office to sign the contract, they cannot drive the RV and will be removed from the contract.


Please follow THIS link to view our helpful checklists!  They will help you prepare for your upcoming rental!


All states in the United States have child restraint laws

  • The laws vary by state, age and/or height of the child
  • The customer is responsible for being aware of the laws in the state they plan to visit (or travel through)
  • The most current laws can be found at the Governors Highway Safety Association or State Highway Safety Office
  • Olathe Ford RV Center's policy is for all children to be in a seatbelt while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Olathe Ford RV Center does not rent or sell child or booster seats.
  • All Class C units are equipped with 1 Tether Anchor to secure one child seat. The Tether Anker is located at the dinette table. Class C units have a tether, the Class A units DO NOT. Child seat CANNOT be used on the passenger seat.  Child seat MUST work with the lap belt system.

Please visit this link to learn about Kansas Seatbelt laws:  (Please read the newest version if there is an updated one.)


The staff & management of Olathe Ford RV Center understands that you consider your pet an important member of your family, and therefore may want to include your pet on the family trip. That is why we believe in the “invisible pet”. However, there are some rules and regulations.  Please see our “Pet Addendum” in your rental packet (DocuSign) that was emailed to you for additional information.


All of our motorhomes come with State Minimum Liability, Comprehensive, Collision, Fire & Theft.  All of our travel trailers come with Comprehensive, Collision, Fire & Theft. The renter must provide liability.  If the renter cannot provide liability, liability can be purchased through our insurance for $9/day.  Please see your rental packet (DocuSign) that was emailed to you for additional information.


Please see your rental packet (DocuSign) that was emailed to you for safety information.


  • All motorhomes receive 100 miles per night free. All additional miles = $0.59/mile.  For example, a 7-night rental comes with 700 miles free.
  • All motorhomes receive 5 hours of generator per night free. All additional hours = $4/hour.  For example, a 7-night rental comes with 35 hours of generator free.
  • Travel trailers do not have mileage or generator charges. Travel trailers do not come equipped with generators.


Our rentals do not come equipped with dishes, linens, blankets, towels, etc.  We do, however, provide the following:

  • Drinking-Safe Water Hose (with water regulator)
  • Sewer Hose
  • Sewer Hose Elbow
  • Generator Oil
  • Electrical Cord
  • 110V Electrical Adapter
  • 50amp to 30amp Adapter (ONLY in our 50amp RVs. We do not provide a 30 to 50 adapter for the 30amp RVs.)
  • LYNX Levelers (these are pads that the jacks can sit on)
  • Propane (you do not need to fill this when you bring it back)
  • 4 Rolls of RV Safe Toilet Paper (more can be purchased in our Parts Department)
  • Tank Dump (we will dump the tanks for you one final time when you get back)
  • Insurance (see Insurance section above)
  • 45 Minute Walk-Through
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • Roadside Assistance


Please let us know (if you already haven't) if you are planning on leaving a vehicle.