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All units MUST be winterized when traveling in freezing conditions.  This includes the water pipes, toilet, water tanks, sinks, shower, external shower, water filter, water heater and all holding tanks.  Winterization requires that the water be drained from the fresh water tank, water pipes, water filter, water heater and all waste tanks.

Once the vehicle is winterized, no water can be put into the fresh water tank and CANNOT be hooked up to the city water supply.  Therefore, NO water is available in the rental unit.  The toilet can be used only if non-toxic RV specific antifreeze is used to manually rinse and flush.

Vehicles are always winterized between November 1st and March 31st.  Depending on weather conditions, this period may be longer.

It is the renter’s responsibility to have the vehicle winterized while on a trip at his/her own expense should the weather conditions require it.  The renter is also financially responsible for having the vehicle re-winterized on the return trip if the vehicle was winterized at the time of pick up. 

A $149.00 re-winterization fee will be charged by Olathe Ford RV Center if the vehicle is returned non-winterized – regardless of the outside temperatures (exceptions only with prior authorization).  This dollar amount will be larger if there is damage to the RV.

The renter will be fully responsible for any damages to the plumbing and water systems caused by freezing during their trip.