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Purchasing Roadside Assistance for Your Trip

To ensure that you have Roadside Assistance during your trip, it is necessary to purchase it beforehand.  During the RV booking process, you will be send a document to fill out.  We call this the Rental Packet and it comes from DocuSign.  In the Rental Packet, you will be given the option to add this service.  If you select "YES", you will receive a link to purchase it.  We send the link 6 days before your reservation.   

Please note, roadside MUST be purchased 48 before the departure date.  For instance, if you are scheduled to leave on a Wednesday, you MUST purchase the Roadside no later than Monday. 

Purchase Roadside Assistance

Policy # for Motorhomes: 01A101796
Policy # for Travel Trailers: 01C402436